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  • Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
  • Name: DayZ
  • Steam rating: 67% (285,203 reviews)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer

How long can you survive a post-apocalyptic world? A land overrun with an infected "zombie" population, where you compete with other survivors for limited resources. Will you team up with strangers and stay strong together? Or play as a lone wolf to avoid betrayal? This is DayZ – this is your story.

Average playtime

132 hours

TOP 10%

959 ½+ hours

Total reviews


Total hours


Time played by percentile

10th 25th 50th 75th 90th
Time played 8h 18m 35h 12m 131h 51m 405h 02m 959h 39m
Percentile Hours played
10th 8h 18m
25th 35h 12m
50th 131h 51m
75th 405h 02m
90th 959h 39m

The average time played for DayZ is 132 hours. Half of the players have played for more than 132 hours.

90% of the players, played this game for 8 ½ hours or more.

The top 10% most passionate players have played DayZ for more than 959 ½ hours.

Time played by rating

Total players Average TOP 10%
Positive review 192,468 187h 33m 187 ½ 1,139h 57m 1,140
Negative review 92,735 53h 24m 53 ½ 514h 43m 514 ½
Total 285,203 365h 48m 366 131h 51m 132

The playtime of people enjoying this game is 187 ½ hours.

Gamers that leave a negative review for DayZ, play 53 ½ hours before doing so.