Europa Universalis IV

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  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Name: Europa Universalis IV
  • Steam rating: 86% (82,966 reviews)
  • Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Four centuries of detailed history come alive in Paradox’s classic grand strategy game. Lead any nation from Renaissance to Revolution in a complex simulation of the early modern world. Master the art of war, diplomacy and trade to shape and change your nation’s history!

Average playtime

540 ½ hours

TOP 10%

2,017 ½+ hours

Total reviews


Total hours


Time played by percentile

10th 25th 50th 75th 90th
Time played 40h 52m 182h 54m 540h 28m 1,164h 36m 2,017h 29m
Percentile Hours played
10th 40h 52m
25th 182h 54m
50th 540h 28m
75th 1,164h 36m
90th 2,017h 29m

The average time played for Europa Universalis IV is 540 ½ hours. Half of the players have played for more than 540 ½ hours.

90% of the players, played this game for 41 hours or more.

The top 10% most passionate players have played Europa Universalis IV for more than 2,017 ½ hours.

Time played by rating

Total players Average TOP 10%
Positive review 71,755 577h 49m 578 2,057h 27m 2,057 ½
Negative review 11,211 290h 27m 290 ½ 1,653h 06m 1,653
Total 82,966 864h 58m 865 540h 28m 540 ½

The playtime of people enjoying this game is 578 hours.

Gamers that leave a negative review for Europa Universalis IV, play 290 ½ hours before doing so.