Out of the Park Baseball 18

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  • Publisher: Out of the Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 18 - officially licensed through MLB.com and the MLBPA - is the follow-up to Metacritic's PC Game of the Year 2016 and the ultimate baseball game! Guide your favorite MLB franchise to glory, play any historical season or create your own fictional baseball world.

Average playtime

151 hours

TOP 10%

927+ hours

Total reviews


Total hours

279,030 ½

Time played by percentile

10th 25th 50th 75th 90th
Time played 8h 41m 50h 18m 151h 10m 393h 52m 926h 49m
Percentile Hours played
10th 8h 41m
25th 50h 18m
50th 151h 10m
75th 393h 52m
90th 926h 49m

The average time played for Out of the Park Baseball 18 is 151 hours. Half of the players have played for more than 151 hours.

90% of the players, played this game for 8 ½ hours or more.

The top 10% most passionate players have played Out of the Park Baseball 18 for more than 927 hours.

Time played by rating

Total players Average TOP 10%
Positive review 638 159h 40m 159 ½ 983h 43m 983 ½
Negative review 56 14h 20m 14 ½ 578h 17m 578 ½
Total 694 402h 04m 402 151h 10m 151

The playtime of people enjoying this game is 159 ½ hours.

Gamers that leave a negative review for Out of the Park Baseball 18, play 14 ½ hours before doing so.